An Intelligence Multiplier for a Multi-Tasking, Multi-Channel World.

xiQ gives you relevant news, social buzz and key data about industries, companies and executives. All customized to match your priorities and prospects. All in one simple, streamlined, real-time platform. A single stream. A multitude of opportunities.

360 degrees of insight.

Your customer just Tweeted about a new project that might signal a sales opportunity. There’s a new CEO at Company X. Prospect Y just announced earnings. And you’re up to speed on all of it in less time than it takes your barista to deliver your triple shot latte. Actionable knowledge is a competition killer. With xiQ, your arsenal is full.

Not just business intelligence. Business inspiration.

It’s not enough to be smart. We want to inspire you. That’s why we created an engaging platform that’s intuitive, simple, and precise with built-in productivity features, sales tips and social networking compatibility all designed to make your brain fire a little quicker, and your heart beat a little faster.

The simple way to work smart.

Whether you’re prepping for a last minute meeting or crafting long-term strategy, you’ve got everything you need in the palm of your hand with unprecedented insights and predictive intelligence to up your game.

Find your xiQ.

When you download xiQ, you’ll be given a choice to tailor your content to one of three roles: Sales, Marketing, or Executive. This is the first layer of customization. From there, you’ll choose additional filters by industry, company, and topics that will ensure you get content that is most relevant to your needs. So you can stop searching and start engaging.
A great tool for sales reps because it provides in-depth, up-to-date information about an extensive variety of industries and companies in an easy-to-use format.
Richard RuffSales Coach, Sales Momentum
It helps give me a more professional appearance and cut down on time needed to understand the potential business issues the prospects and customers might be facing.
Andy VaromaCo-Founder, Cloud Comrade
xiQ allows us to stay on top of our customers’ business needs and industry trends and proactively engage with them to help them achieve their vision.
Gianni GiacomelliChief Marketing Officer, Genpact

How xiQ Works